The Muslim Professionals Forum, UK (MPF) is an independent and non- profit organisation for Professionals. Founded in 2008, we welcome professionals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and those who are willing to support the progression of the Muslim community through intellectual dialogue. Since inception the MPF has been working to achieve its objectives by motivating and encouraging professionals to apply their professional skills for the benefit of their communities.

The members of this organisation believe that effective discourse within communities, and engaging and sharing experience with others, is one of the best ways forward to address certain social and cultural challenges which we are facing in today’s pluralist Britain. MPF aims to work against islamophobic and racist attitudes, religious extremism, racial discrimination, crime and disorder, domestic violence and violation of human rights. At the same it aims to promote public decency in order to establish a just and tolerant society and uphold justice, rule of law, community cohesion and religious harmony.